Applicants who fail to pass any section of the test are permitted to re-sit the relevant exam components, although they must wait for three (3) weeks from the date of their first attempt. Candidates are only required to re-sit the exam components they have failed. All passing marks remain valid.

To book a re-sit, applicants will need to go to the registration page and follow the instructions for booking an exam sitting.

Please note the following regarding resit processes:

  1. Re-sit bookings are calculated automatically as per your results statements.
  2. While completing the re-sit registration form online, you will be asked to pay for all required re-sit components in a single transaction. 

All re-sits must be completed within 180 days of the original sitting.

An applicant who does not succeed a second time must wait a period of six (6) months from the re-sit date before re-applying.  

The costs of re-sitting are:

  • Cost for a re-sit of one test (including GST):                          $49.50
  • Cost for a re-sit of two tests (including GST):                         $99.00
  • Cost for a re-sit of three tests (including GST):                     $148.50
  • Cost for a re-sit of four or more tests (including GST):        $155.00